The story of Antranig Teghararian begins with the deportation of his parents from their native town of Diyarbakir, Turkey in 1915. It reveals the difficulties encountered by his parents and how two of his very young brothers died from starvation during his parents' deportation. It then follows his parents in their quest for safety through the Middle East and their next temporary location in the city of Aleppo, Syria. The film unfolds with rare archival footage from the era with some haunting images. His father is forced to flee Aleppo in the middle of the night, having been condemned to death by a Turkish Military tribunal, and being forced to leave his wife behind and seek refuge in the city of Adana, Turkey until 1918. After the declaration of the armistice, his parents are subsequently reunited in Adana, Turkey where he was born on July 4, 1921. The surrender of Adana to Turkey by the French, causes yet another upheaval and further deportation of the Armenians of that city, and his parents are forced to flee yet again and barely make their way to Beirut, Lebanon, their final destination. To date, no one knows the final resting place of his two brothers who perished in the desert.


Genre: Documentary

Run time: 15 minutes

Year of Production: 2014

Country of production: Canada

Writer/Director/Editor: David Hovan

Narrator: Antranig Teghararian

Producers: David Hovan & Jean Weaver

Associate Producers: Garbis Baghdassarian, Arthur Hovanessian

Executive Producer: Nora Armani

Turkish version Executive Producers

Zafer Özgentürk

Ferzan Özyaşar

Music & Sound Supervisor: Armen Martirosyan

Additional Sound & Music: Hrair Raven Tanielian 

Cinematographers: Brodie Hovanessian, David Hovan

Assistant Editors: Ivan Wanis-Ruiz, Brodie Hovanessian