Contemporary Artist


My creative process begins with an unswerving trust in the voice and constructive power of the unconscious. I am practiced in setting aside the natural apprehension of the blank canvas. I do this in three ways: first, by paying attention to dreams and spontaneous mental imagery; second, by recognizing the large knot of grief that occupies so much of my inner life, carrying both sorrow and joy; and third, a relationship to myself and others that is guided by a post-loss active and exploratory form of love (decathexis).

My compositions, through the use of multiple layers, textures, colours, lines, bold strokes and experimentation with varied mediums and materials, aim to unleash the viewer's imagination towards identification with the themes within the artwork and the recognition that similar truths lie also within them. 

Further, on an intellectual level, having been an ardent student of existentialism and postmodernism, my work is inspired by semiotics and related theories attempting to ameliorate the disaffected, anxious and isolated aspects of the human condition in the 21st century.

Themes expressed in my body of work are bound only by the flow of unconscious subjects to find their way to canvas. The test for each of my pieces by my own evaluation is coherency, recognition of incipient emerging forms and the existence of a genuine loving presence.

Represented by Gallery 104, New York & Laguna Art Gallery, California 

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